Le Mans 1977 - an A310 story

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The front was chopped - with a large hacksaw! All was carefully marked out of course, but without electricity, both a Dremel and a jigsaw are largely useless, so it was out with the big saw and have at it!!

Ultimately, it took only an evening to mark, cut and complete the elongated holes. Naturally it took a good deal longer to make new aluminium panels to house the extra lights and to cover the large aperture in the middle of the front end where the rest of the front panel used to be. I had, though, made some rudimentary panels in France and brought them back on the 'plane - much to the consternation of Customs, particularly as these, along with sixteen chrome wheel nuts, several bags of screws and nuts etc were in my hand baggage. They were soon appeased with photographs of the original car and my project. See - a bit of French diplomacy does it every time. Vive l'Entente Cordiale!

A few days later the black gaffer/duct/tank/racing tape arrived in 38mm and 25mm widths. Once added the front was almost indistinguishable from Bernard Decure's original car! The pics, the final pics, will be added next week. Then a new page will start with pics from Belgium.




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