Val De Vienne 2009


The car was as complete as I could make it at the time. Further developments will happen in due course, such as creating the NACA-style ducts on the tops of the wings, finding and fitting central headlights that look more authentic etc. Maybe one day I will even fit a new roof panel in order to lose the sunroof. But the car has to be a practical road-going vehicle too, so I have to be sensible about changes whilst maintaining the essence of the original Bernard Decure car.

After the test drive, I needed to get a few kms under the wheels to run in new engine bearings and other engine components, so Alison and I had a short road trip to ensure nothing was going to fall off, break or create a problem later. Everything went incredibly well, as it usually seems to for this car. Back in the garage, I drained the oil and changed the filter as instructed by Erwin van Dijk, although draining 100km-old oil seemed as sacrilegious as it was necessary. Good job I bought cheap oil for the run-in! Next, a new filter was fitted and the Castrol Edge 10W60 went in. That was it. Preparation almost done for the circuit; now just the re-siting of the battery, sorting out the electric windows, putting the interior back together and loading some basic stuff was all that remained. As we were taking Reg, our Renault 4 to the circuit too, most of the bits went with Alison. Oh, when I copy the photographs from my computer in France (end of October), I will add more to this page.

Out on the circuit, the car ran very well, even though I was keeping the revs down - you never know when Erwin is watching - and immediately the extra horses showed themselves raring to go. But reining them in was the order of the day. I am excited at the performance to come from the motor. Anyone know of a good, knowledgeable rolling road business in Charente?

Here are a couple of big pics from the day, with links to You Tube showing the car having fun. This has been a long and interesting journey and I hope that Bernard Decure, Jacky Cauchy, Jean-Luc Therier and all who helped with the original car appreciate my little homage to their valiant efforts in 1977. Bon Courage!






































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