RYLY RestorationText Box: For several years, I had wanted to have the engine in RYLY rebuilt, to celebrate the 200,000 kms milestone that was looming. As it turned out, I also decided to have the car repainted and deliberated long and hard as to which specialist was best to use. It can be false economy to use a cheaper company and in fact, a decent motor business not far from us in Germany agreed to rebuild the engine but when we discussed it—the night before I was to deliver the car to them—the owner expressed doubts as they had not touched a PRV before. I cancelled the rebuild and looked for an Alpine specialist. 

Enter Axel Reß in Wülfershausen-Ad-Salle in the very south of Germany. Axel has well over 25 years experience as an Alpine specialist and I reckoned he would be good. How wrong I was—he was absolutely superb!!
Axel stripped the car and kept me informed as to just what else needed doing to my precious baby. It seemed that almost every part of the car required a total rebuild. But within our agreed-yet-rather-elastic budget the car was transformed. My German is extremely basic and Axel speaks no English. But his colleague is a German-speaking Frenchman and with a perfectly International effort, we all got along and communicated famously. Conversations and discussions were peppered with English/French/German phrases to the great delight of all concerned!!
Enjoy the pictures of the restoration progress.

Text Box: RYLY arrived at Axel’s looking very sad. The trip down south was long, cold and tiring. The sight of poor RYLY on the trailer at Axel's made me determined that he would look good again - soon!

Text Box: It wasn’t long before the stripdown was underway!

Text Box: The poor old engine was pulled out  - just look at the state it’s in. It is amazing that it ran really quite well; high mileage and tiredness were the only real  symptoms.
 This is where I knew it would get expensive!

                                                                                                                                                                                     Text Box: The engine being taken apart. 
Considering the mileage, internally it wasn’t as bad as expected.

Text Box: With the gearbox out, the true condition of the car can be assessed. Not a pretty sight!

Text Box: Here though is the ‘After’ picture. 
What a difference a tidy-up and a coat of satin black makes!. 
A real transformation.

Text Box: Then comes the time for body preparation.
What will the new colour be?
Astonishing, that’s what!

Text Box: And here is the car back from the painter. The search for this Renault Kangoo colour was a long process but finally the paint code was found.
 The car looks absolutely stunning and none of the photographs here do it justice.
 Axel’s painter, who speaks not a word of English, phoned me to express his delight at the colour and to explain that he had loved working on the car; extra special effort had gone into the body preparation to ensure it looked good. He wasn’t kidding!

Text Box: Once the car was back at Axel’s workshop, the fitting up began. Great care was taken with this task to ensure panel gaps etc were better than when the car left the Alpine factory, twenty three years before. Attention to detail is impressive and as Axel explained later, it is all the small details and items that make the final product look the part. (Details of the engine rebuild are on a separate page)

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